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Exedrol blister
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Exedrol blister

20 tabs (25 mg/tab)
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Exedrol is an anti-estrogen that works by blocking the enzyme that synthesizes estrogen, medically it is used to treat breast cancer, and is used when treatment with tamoxifen is not effective. Exedrol is a very effective anti-estrogen with estrogen inhibition rate of 85%. Bodybuilders tend to argue that exedrol is one of the most effective anti-estrogen. It is good to prevent gynecomastia, helps to prevent water retain, weight loss and not to loose the muscle mass.

Compared with tamoxifen and clomed, it prevents the loss of good cholesterol, they are considered old anti estrogen that are used if there is no sensitivity to estrogen.

Exedrol consists of 25 mg pills. Optimal dose for bodybuilders is half a pill daily or every 2 days. In case you want total elimination of estrogen then take a pill daily.

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