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Do you know your thyroid?

The thyroid gland is a complicated gland. In bodybuilding and in other sports are used including medicines that need to manipulate thyroid hormones, but these practices can be dangerous, especially if they are taken unproperly.


Short steroid cycles

A short steroid cycle is a steroid cycle that lasts between 2-6 weeks. It seems that those 4 weeks have the best results if reported to the side effects. They allow a faster recovery of the HPTA axis without using HCG, the testes atrophy, and suppression of self-testosterone secretion being reduced.


12 laws of the weight loss

Burning fats is an effort that lasts 14 hours, 7 days from 7. It is indicated to eat more often, and if it is possible from 3 to 3 hours, and more than that you need to choose very carefully the products you eat and the right quantity to maintain a high metabolism. Ther are 12 fundamental laws that guide the weight loss and the fat burning. These rules are everything you need to know when it comes to loose weight and burn fats from the hips and abdomen. Most of the laws are related with the nutrition, but the training have their role in this process. If the bulking phase is over then it's time to define and follow the main 12 laws of the weight loss.


Nandrolona D

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Active substance: Nandrolone Decanoate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 5 x 1ml amp (200 mg/ml)

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Nandrolone D is one of the most widespread injectable steroids. It has a strong anabolic effect which encourages muscle growth and strength, having no androgenic effects and estrogen is not emphasized.

Optimal dose is 200-600 mg given per week, some say that a satisfactory effect is obtained when is taken a dose of 4 mg per kilogram of the body. It is a steroid that can be combined with other steroids in order to obtain a desired result. If you want to define muscles then it can be combined with Strombaject with a dose of 10-20 mg per day. In this purpose, it can be combined with Halotest or Parabolan. If you want an accumulation of muscle mass, it combines well with Danabol (300-400 mg Nandrolone D and 20-30 mg of Danabol) or Anapolon or testosterone, just that in these cases water retention is higher. They say Nandrolone D protects joints, studies have shown that it promotes collagen synthesis and retains minerals in bones, at a dose of 100 mg a week. Side effects are few if taken over 400 mg per week it is possible to happen flavor.

Nandrolone has a progestin activity in the body, so it can appear side effects similar estrogens, such as water retention, fat or gynecomastia.

Other side effects can be acne, oily skin, but with a rare probability. In order to prevent side effects, you can use an anti-progesterone.

The androgenic level is low, and this leads to lower testosterone levels in the blood, which can cause decreased libido when used without a steroid with high androgen levels. It is advisable to use testosterone, 200 mg to prevent sexual dysfunction.

This is done when is desired muscle definition. When using in combination with testosterone, Nandrolone D is used more than 2 weeks. It is desirable to use a long-acting ester to maintain anabolism in the body, and in this time Nandrolone D will produce anabolic effects but will limit production of testosterone. At the end of the cycle with nandrolone D, it is necessary to make a more aggressive post-cycle therapy.

Nandrolone D does not cause muscle mass rapid increases, they are significant but not very large, so it is preferred for long-term cycles. Cycles can be up to 8-12 weeks, and muscle mass gains are smooth and quality. Nandrolone D has a negative effect on the liver.

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