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Suspension 100
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Suspension 100

1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)
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Suspension 100 from Dragon Pharmamore


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Suspension 100 from Dragon Pharma

Active substance: testosterone hormone

Product name: Aquaviron, Aquatest, Testosterone Suspension

Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma - contains pure testosterone hormone, without attached ester.

The effect of this steroid shows rapid gains in muscle and strength.

The effects of using it are much faster than enanthate and cypionate, in just a few days.

Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma is one of the most used steroids during the cycle by athletes and bodybuilders, it is usually used for its recovery and muscular endurance properties.

With Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma you are not so tired and you want to train more and more.

Side effect:



Frequent and long-lasting erections

Libido stimulation


Recommended dose for men: 100-700 mg / week.

The recommended dose for women: very low or not recommended doses.

Cycle duration for both men : women: 4/10 weeks.


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