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T3 from Dragon Pharmamore


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T3 from Dragon Pharma

It is medically used to treat cases of thyroid failure, obesity, and fatigue. This medicine is used to burn body fat.

Active substance: liothyronine sodium.

Name T3, Citomed, Cytomel.

At the time of energy loss and hair loss, T3 helps prevent them because it provides thyroid hormones to the body.

T3 is usually used in combination with Clenbuterol.

Side effects:

T3 has a lot of side effects that can't be ignored.

Overdose may cause headache, nervousness, menstrual irregularities, increased bowel motility, irregular heartbeat.

T3 Dragon Pharma administration:

T3 Dragon Pharma should be given by slowly increasing the dose

On the first day with 25 mcg, increase the dose every 3-4 days by 25 mcg until the dose of 100 mcg is reached.

Maximum cycle time 5-6 weeks.

The dose for the woman should not exceed 50 mcg per day.


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