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About Steroids

Steroids and women

Steroids and women seem to be a wired association of words because when we hear steroids we always think about big and strong men. It is true, there are many more men that take steroids than women, and many times easily remark women that use steroids, but the number of women that use steroids is bigger than you think.
Anabolic steroids can be very harmful to a woman, especially because they can destroy feminity. There are cases when steroids do not harm if they are used very carefully. Women have a very limited range of steroids that can use, and the doses need to be very small. In this article, we will analyze the relationship between women and steroids, the risks and the benefits, and the surest methods, at the moment when you are decided 100%.

When we talk about steroids and women, there is a little fear: the probability to change into a man. It is known that anabolic and androgenic steroids are derivated from the main male hormone testosterone. No woman will change into a man if she uses steroids, but they can strongly emphasize male features. Steroids cause virilization because of the massive growth of the androgens in the body. Androgens are hormones produced both by men and women, the main ones are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Men need 10 times more androgens than females. In case the female’s androgen levels grow too much, the male features begin to be observed. 

Common virilization symptoms are:

    Hair growth on the body
    The clit increase
    Deepening of the voice
    Emphasize the facial features

No woman would like to have such changes in the body, but there are many that take steroids but still avoid virilization. This is because they do not abuse them and know what they do. You need to know what you take, when to take it, how to take it, and to observe the virilization signs in time, in order to stop the process.

Avoidance of virilization
The first step is to choose anabolic steroids that have minimum effects of virilization. Some steroids are more virilizing than others; so they need to be avoided by women. To be clear: all the anabolic and androgenic steroids have a fixed level of virilization. Differs only the level. Women that choose steroids with a low virilization level have low chances, of virilization happening, although the risk exists. More than that we are unique and some women cannot tolerate one steroid while some women will not meet any problem.
The easiest way to avoid virilization is to choose steroids with low virilization levels. Second, in case the smallest signs of virilization happen, the administration of the respective steroid is immediately interrupted and for good. After the administration is stopped the symptoms will disappear. In case the symptoms are ignored and they are installed then big problems will appear and most of the time is irreversible. If this is necessary we will repeat once again: in case virilization signs appear the administration must be stopped immediately, no matter what kind of steroid you take. Then you need to analyze the causes: what you have used, maybe you used too big doses, etc. Therefore, attention and caution are of great importance.

The best steroids for women
As we have stated earlier there are many steroids that must be avoided by women. So that the question is about what kind of steroids could women use to be safe. still remains. The first steroid that is considered one of the best steroids for women and is in the first place is Oxandrolone(Anavar). It is the most friendly steroid for women, as it was first designed for women and children. Men can also use it with success, but among bodybuilders, it is considered a “women’s steroid”. Oxandrolone has the lowest possible virilization rate and helps develop the main parts of the women’s body. Most women tolerate very good 10mg/day, and others can increase the dose up to 20mg/day.
The majority do not need more than 10mg/day, but if you intend to increase the dose, make it gradually, with 5 mg at once.
Beginning with 10 mg for about 1-2 weeks and increasing it up to 15 mg before taking 20 mg. The higher the dose the higher will be the risk of virilization. The cycle length is of about 4-8 weeks, 6 weeks is the most common one. An example of an Oxandrolone cycle for those that have experience in this domain can be found here.
Besides Oxandrolone, there are and other choices for women. In second place is situated Primobol. The majority of the women tolerate very good a dose of 100mg/week with a cycle length of 4 weeks, 6 weeks is considered the maximum for those that tolerate extremely good this steroid.
The next steroid considered a good choice for women is Stanozolol known as Strombafort or Winstrol. In this case, the risks grow more, having a virilization chance of 50-50%. Half of the women that use strombafort tolerate it, while the other half do not. If compared with Oxandrolone, the toleration rate is extremely low. For those that tolerate it, the optimal dose is 10 mg/once for two days. Women prefer Winstrol in an oral form, especially since the active substance is the same as both oral and injectable steroids.
The enumerated steroids are the most friendly to women. There are women that use and other types of steroids, but the virilization risks grow a lot and this becomes a personal toleration matter and objective. Equipoise in small doses is also used by women, and others have the courage to use very reduced testosterone doses, especially those that suffer from testosterone deficiency.

More than steroids

Steroids and women can live together, but in the sporting world, there are other medicines that are successfully used for athletic purposes. Hereunder we will describe some other 6 drugs that are frequently used by women, more than steroids are. Especially drugs for fat burning, are frequently used by women no matter if they are athletes or just for personal use.
Anastrozole: a flavoring inhibitor in order to keep the estrogen under control – needs to be used very rarely by women, and only in exceptional circumstances.
Clenbuterol: a beta-2 agonist used to burn fats, it is frequently used by women, and the doses are lower than in men.
Citomed: it is a thyroid hormone known under the name of T-3 a very strong hormone, it is usually used during the definition cycles for about 6 weeks, and it can be combined with clenbuterol.
Ephedrine: one of the most known substances used for weight loss, used on large scale by sportsmen from all disciplines.
Human Growth Hormone: it is an extremely strong peptide hormone – very anabolic, it increases the metabolism and advances the recovery after the effort, the doses in women's cases are reduced to 1 I.U per day.
Tamoximed: an antiestrogen that keeps under control the estrogen level – it is used to give a more defined aspect when the fat percentage is low.
For women, it is better to be taken just one steroid, a combination is not seen with good eyes, and more than that it is not indicated. Steroids can be combined with the above-mentioned substances in order to increase the results, depending on the purposes you have.
Steroid use by women is a complex issue that must be treated with precaution. This information was provided to inform women about the steroid's effects and their impact and the best choices they have in the matter of steroids and the results they can bring. Remember, steroids must be used with precaution as they are strong drugs that can cause unwanted effects that can ruin health.