Info about COVID-9 : All Products from Stock can be shipped without Problems and Delays!

Shipping Info -

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes and APOs?

We are shipping to PO Box and APO addresses, and it is necessary that the shipping info be added in the comment line of each order, to have the best delivery of your purchase.

What is the way you ship?

Our way of shipping the products is universal and secure.

  • The company name and other contents related to the pharmacy are not written on the package slips.

  • The way of packing is regularly changed for secure delivery.

  • The packages are small in order to avoid unwelcome questions. If the order is big, then it will be divided into two or more packages (all for one shipping fee)

  • We may use original boxes twice for the packing if they match with the order, this is for environmental reasons.

  • Our deposits are situated in different countries from Europe.

Do you ensure your packing, what about customs, what happens if the package is retained?

We concern a lot about our safety system, we pack the orders as secure as possible. If a package is seized by customs, we ask you to send us the sequester letter from customs or FDA so we could reship the order at no charge to you. The client should scan the sequester letter and send it to [email protected]. We can send you one more order only once. 

We don't reship to these locations: Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore, South Coreea, Chile.

What about shipping duty?

Your delivery cost is $25 USD. 

Is the delivery sure?

We try to pack the order very safely, with maximum discretion. We do not pack the products in their own boxes, to avoid shipment volume. You won't see the company’s name on the package and the orders are sent from different places from Europe. In such a way, we try to provide a safe and discreet delivery.

Do I have to sign for shipping?

The orders are sent through registered mail, and on the way to your place, they may be tracked. For security reasons, you have to sign when the package arrives.

How much time does it take for ordering and shipping?

At the moment you place an order, we send you an instruction on how to make the payment. After we receive the payment, we pack the order in 1-3 days.

The period of time for shipping and delivery is 7-15 days, without weekends. International orders may have a delay of 25 working days from customs reasons.

If the order did not arrive in the time limit, please notify us about this, so we could serve you with pleasure. We will appreciate your patience and understanding.

When will I receive my package receipt?

If you log in your account and click on the "My Orders” link on the right side of the website. For more information, you can write a ticket for our customer team support.

What is a Semi-Shipped order?

Semi-shipped means that the order is in the process to be shipped. One part of the order has been already shipped out; the other is in the process to be shipped within 1-3 days.

Can  the packages be tracked?

For security reasons, we can not show the tracking number of the package. You may write a ticket for our customer team support for more information.

What can I do if my parcel is late?

If the orders are late because of the customs or the mail service's inappropriate system, and if you did not get the order in time, we ask you to contact our customer support or send us an e-mail in order to serve you the best way.