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About Steroids

What is Lasix(Furosemid)?
Furosemide belongs to the class of diuretics that cause the elimination of water from the body, as well as the elimination of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. It is most commonly used to treat edema and high blood pressure.
What is Arimidex?
Arimidex, also known as Anastrazole, is what we would classify as an aromatase inhibitor. It has its place in bodybuilding and for those who use steroids. First and foremost though, it is a treatment for breast cancer.
What is Anavar?
Anavar or ‘var’, is another fantastic oral steroid that has been on the market since the mid to late ’60s. It has long been the oral of choice for pre-competition bodybuilders and has been a favorite summer drug for regular gym-goers in recent years. 
Steroids injection
Steroid injection is a simple process, but it must be done correctly. The steroid injection is done in the muscles (intramuscularly), it is not done in the vein, and it is not done subcutaneously.
What is Primobolan
Primobolan or primo, as it is more often known, is a performance-enhancing drug that has been on the market since the ’60s.
What is Halotestin?
Halotestin is an interesting oral steroid. It isn’t actually used very much by competitive bodybuilders, maybe a few when it comes to the last few days before a competition. It is more likely to be found in combat sports or sports where gaining weight can cause issues.
What is Clomid?
Clomid is what is called a nonsteroidal ovulatory stimulant, it is most often used as a part of a PCT and has been a staple component of a steroid cycle since the golden age of bodybuilding began.
What is HCG?
HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a popular choice of drug to boost natural testosterone production after a steroid cycle. Much like Clomid, HCG is a fertility treatment for women who do not ovulate.
 What is Parabolan?
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate  Parabolan is probably known as one of, if not, the most potent muscle-building steroids on the market.
Buy Viagra for Men - Viagra is also great for bodybuilders
An investigation of the consequences of Viagra in 140 men with low testosterone, aged between 40 and 70, found that the drug helped testosterone levels by about 100 ticks.
Clenbuterol for women
When it comes to weight loss, muscle building, and fat reduction, women tend to have a rather difficult duration compared to men. However, if training is something you take seriously, then it may be time to add a Clenbuterol supplement to your diet.
Injection guide
When injecting steroids, the first thing you need to know is how to prepare for the injection and there are more than you might think at first. There are eight specific steps to follow when injecting, and while this may sound complicated, the whole process shouldn't take more than a minute. However, failure to follow these remarkably simple steps can lead to complications, such as infections or simply very uncomfortable injections, or a painful, unnecessary injection site.