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About Steroids

Supplements against cold and flu
The first line of protection against viruses and colds is good hygiene, but there are some supplements that can help. Let's see what this is about!
About addiction to sugar and withdrawal
Is sugar the new cocaine? Is sugar the same addiction as drugs? Does your sugar destroy your life? Let's see what this is about!
Oral vs Injectable steroids, what is best and safer for you?
If you just started your sport career or you are ears deep into bodybuilding, you might still have this question: how do I know which steroids are safe for me to use and would give the best results? The decision depends on the expected side effects and the ease of administration.
Post cycle therapy
Post cycle therapy (PCT) is of extreme importance. As the name suggests, it requires the restoration of endogenous testosterone levels after a cycle of steroids. Those who ignore it risk losing all that they have gained during the steroid cure, even more so. Worse, in some cases the body may remain with a hormonal imbalance. So, never ignore post cycle therapy!
Do you know your thyroid?
The thyroid gland is a complicated gland. In bodybuilding and in other sports are used including medicines that need to manipulate thyroid hormones, but these practices can be dangerous, especially if they are taken unproperly.
Short steroid cycles
A short steroid cycle is a steroid cycle that lasts between 2-6 weeks. It seems that those 4 weeks have the best results if reported to the side effects. They allow a faster recovery of the HPTA axis without using HCG, the testes atrophy, and suppression of self-testosterone secretion being reduced.
12  laws of the weight loss
Burning fats is an effort that lasts 14 hours, 7 days from 7. It is indicated to eat more often, and if it is possible from 3 to 3 hours, and more than that you need to choose very carefully the products you eat and the right quantity to maintain a high metabolism. Ther are 12 fundamental laws that guide the weight loss and the fat burning. These rules are everything you need to know when it comes to loose weight and burn fats from the hips and abdomen. Most of the laws are related with the nutrition, but the training have their role in this process. If the bulking phase is over then it's time to define and follow the main 12 laws of the weight loss.
HGH as a bodybuilding enhancement.
As we all know after the growth period our body stops to produce new muscle cells. The quantity of muscle cells we have is genetic and their number can not be grown. This is the reason some persons choose to increase these cells by training or use steroids. From the medical point of view, we recommend HGH for muscle building. With the human growth hormone, the muscle mass can be increased and new muscle cells can be achieved having no side effects. This hormone helps you to cross the genetic barrier and have the ideal body shape.
Top 5 viands that help men to increase the potency
The most efficient aphrodisiacs we can found in our kitchen, and unlike pills they do not cause side effects. Further, we will present you a potency list established by the American specialists.
Oxandrolone Important  Properties. Advantages and disadvantages.
If you need a good steroid to reduce your weight and fats and causing no side effects then you need Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is the best choice when you need to improve your performance by taking medicines, it is available on the internet and easily to take without doctor prescription. A good property of Oxandrolone is that has no androgenic effects, being an easy anabolic on Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis for the body. Also, this steroids has no estrogenic unwanted side effects like acne, gynecomastia, oily skin if compared with other steroids. Anavar is the second name used for this steroid and is had great results if it is used in a cutting cycle.
A programm that helps to gain weight.
For a perfect muscle tissue is very important the way you workout. The alimentation is very important for those aiming to build muscle or lose fat. So, you need a diet plan depending on your daily schedule, knowing you will not deviate from. Meal frequency should be at an interval of 2-3 hours. It is ok to have 3 meals a day and 2 calorie snacks, but more effective are several small meals. This plan must be fixed and must be stacked with because the body likes routine and gives better results that way.
Clomed is a drug usually used after a heavy steroid cycle. This product stimulates the body to produce its own testosterone in the blood. This is necessary when proper testosterone levels in the blood are very low. In case your own testosterone levels are back to normal in no time when the steroid use is ceased, cortisol will dominate and will inhibit muscle protein synthesis. This product helps women to burn fat and tone the muscles, but because of its unpleasant side effects, it is not preferred by them.