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Six Muscle Building Secrets From The World's Best Bodybuilders!

Six Muscle Building Secrets From The World's Best Bodybuilders!

The difference between having a well-built physique or looking like a guy who "works out every now and then" lies in your applied training knowledge. Here are 6 training secrets from the best.
Check it out and see how many of these 6 secrets you apply to your bodybuilding lifestyle!

Secret #1: Stimulate the muscle Don't annihilate it!

This must be the granddaddy of them all. If I only had a penny for every person who quit weight training due to overtraining, I would very likely be the richest person in the world. We found out this secret of Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.

Here was one of the best bodybuilders who ever lived and I was doing more sets and reps in weight training than him. Ronnie Coleman believes you should strive to, "Stimulate the muscle, don't annihilate it."

Once a muscle has been fully stimulated, more sets and repetitions will only delay growth.

Great bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman limit the number of sets and reps per workout so it's easier to target specific muscles and increase their overall potential. Too many bodybuilders are guilty of "overtraining". Most weightlifters go into the gym and do countless exercises per muscle group and never think about what or why they are training the way they are.

It's that type of training approach that leads to insignificant gains in muscle mass and overall fitness. To stimulate muscle growth, choose 1 or 2 basic exercises for each muscle group and perform 4 to 6 sets of heavy work for each exercise. The rep range should be between 6 and 20 reps with as much weight as you can safely handle.

Secret #2: Heavy Core Exercises Build Big Muscles!

Countless sets of concentrated dumbbell curls, preacher curls, cable curls, and incline dumbbell curls won't produce immediately after that you'll get pyramid weights of 6 sets of standing Olympic curls with 6 to 20 reps.

My training partner and I were guilty of this crime. The same can be said about the Squat. Full barbell back squats for 6 to 20 reps will produce more muscle size and more than 50 sets of leg extensions, leg curls, and even leg presses. I learned this important secret from Lee Priest; a man's training method of using heavy squats will put muscle on the leanest guys you've ever seen.

Muscular bodybuilder Jay Cutler is also a big proponent of heavyweights with core exercises. The biggest, strongest, and fittest champions of the past and present always incorporate squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, and bent-over rows training. You can't build strong muscles by lifting mini-mouse weights. The end of the story!

Secret #3: Eat like a bodybuilder to look like a bodybuilder.

This sounds simple and in fact, it is simple, all learners get it wrong! A champion bodybuilder like Ronnie Coleman has a daily diet that consists of.

1. Proteins:

The most important element for the bodybuilder. Protein is for the growth, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue. It is recommended to reach one and a half grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The highest quality proteins come from animal sources - eggs, fish, poultry, and meat and dairy products.

2. Carbohydrates:

Raise your blood sugar and provide your muscles with energy. The best sources of carbohydrates are yams, oatmeal, stone-ground whole wheat bread, and cereals. You should also eat more servings of vegetables each day.

3. Fats:

Fats are essential to a good diet because they warm the body and lubricate body parts. It also provides an adequate transport of vitamins A, D and E. obtain large amounts of good fats through the daily diet of fish, eggs, and, if necessary, a tongue of olive oil.

If you're trying to build new muscle and keep your body fat at 10 percent or less, you'll feel great looking like a well-defined scarecrow. As Gunter Schlierkamp says,

"Eat big and grow big!"

Secret #4: 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

You cannot and will not get bigger and stronger if you ignore this rule. 7 to 9 hours of sleep are required for total body recovery and growth. Bodybuilders like Chris Cormier and Markus Ruhl are big believers inadequate rest. Rest time is when you combine a between proper training and nutrition comes together and turn into bigger and stronger muscles.

When you're at the gym lifting weights around, you're actually breaking down muscle tissue, not building it. When you eat the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water, you feed your muscles for growth. But when you sleep, real growth happens.

The body is at rest and can do what it is meant to do during sleep, GROW. Naps throughout the day (15 to 45 minutes of sleep) are also a great way to build up extra energy and give your muscles time to repair and grow. Just remember this, cut your sleep short and slow your progress! You have to decide what you want most, late nights partying with friends or a body builder's physique that will turn heads wherever you go!

Secret #5: Have a Master Plan.

Secret #5 might be the #1 ingredient needed to be successful. I learned this secret from #1 bodybuilder of all time Arnold Schwarzenegger and I have never forgotten it. What are our goals and why do we train? Without a master plan, you will be like a ship at sea without a definite destination (what you want to achieve) and without a rudder (how you will get there). This is what a master plan consists of.

Then go on to answer these questions and write them down on paper. By writing them down on paper, you bring them to life and check them every day to make sure you're keeping the master plan in mind.

3. Take action:

Now, this is really the hard part - take action and stick to your plan. You have to stay the course until you get the result you want. Neither Arnold nor any other champion bodybuilder would have been successful if they abandoned their master plan after their first setback or failure.

Secret #6: A winner never quits and a quitter never wins!

Remember this very simple phrase and make it a part of your life. When Gunter Schlierkamp beat Ronnie Coleman, some people said he just got lucky.

A lucky break or successful event in life is nothing more than being physically and mentally prepared to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes your way. Think and act like a champion and you will be one!