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About Steroids

Steroids injection

Steroids injection

Steroid injection is a simple process, but it must be done correctly. The steroid injection is done in the muscles (intramuscularly), it is not done in the vein, and it is not done subcutaneously.
Never inject steroids into the vein, as this leads to death!
It is preferable that the injections be made by qualified persons, but if you do not have qualified personnel, then you can make your own injections, only you have to take into account the following:

-  The injection is done only intramuscularly. In the buttocks muscles, shoulder muscles, or thighs. The idea is to inject where the big muscle is so that the substance can be absorbed quickly.

-  The injection is made perpendicular, not inclined, not diagonally.

-  A new syringe and a new needle are always used.

-  The needle should be 3.5 - 4 cm.

-  Always clean the area where the injection is to be done with spirit. Ideally, you should do this before and after this process.

- In case you have to draw in the syringe the substance from a 10ml bottle that has rubber at the mouth, two needles should be used. One needle to pull the substance from the bottle into the syringe and another needle to inject the substance into the muscles.

-  Hold the syringe in your hand like a Darts arrow and infuse it into the muscles. Instead of pushing, pull some muscle into the syringe. If the contents of the syringe are red it means that you have a blood vessel inserted and the injection site must be changed. If the content does not turn red, you can continue injecting the substance into the muscles.

-  It is advisable to change the injection area from one injection to another. Usually, the injections are done in the evening, in order not to overload the muscle that has just received the substance.

- The injection of the substance is slow to avoid pain after the injection.


When injecting, before pressing on the syringe to enter the substance, you must first take a few steps to make sure that you have not reached a vein. That is, push the syringe with the needle in your muscles and pull the syringe handle a little. If blood does not enter the syringe, it means that everything is ok and you can press the handle to inject the substance. If, when you pull the muscles into the syringe, the substance becomes red, cancel the injection and look for a new place for the injection.
Many people prefer oral steroids because they are afraid of injections. Only by using oral steroids, you are exposed to more risks and the evolutions are slower. I say this because injectable steroids are more effective and do not affect the liver as the pills do.