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5 x 1ml amps (100mg/ml)
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Testosterone is the most powerful muscle builder, but at the same time is the most powerful testosterone. AQUATEST is the purest testosterone (100%) because it has esters. It is a steroid that stands for a long time on the market, but it's still very effective. AQUATEST is dissolved in oil, not in water, hence the name suspension. Even water, if we let the vial for a time testosterone accumulates on the bottom of the vial, thus before use it is good to shake it well. Injections are very painful and are administered every day or every other day. Administered 100 mg every day, which means a double dose of testosterone containing esters. If combined with danabol then can earn up to 10-14 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks. If high doses are used, water is retained in the body, fat plus gynecomastia may occur. Since it is a very androgenic steroid, side effects can occur as hair loss, deepening of the voice, enlarged prostate, however having a more pronounced accent than with other steroids.

AQUATEST is not recommended for beginners. Optimal dose is 10-50 mg per day and can be combined with other steroids with less effect. It can be added oral steroids such as Anadrol or Danabol.

Testosterone and Nandrolone are the most suppressive drugs from natural testosterone, therefore, after AQUATEST cycle is necessary to administer Clomed or Tamoxifen 4-5 days after the last injection. A dose of 40-50 mg is administered in the first 2 weeks after the next 2 weeks take a dose of 20-25 mg.


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