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About Steroids

A programm that helps to gain weight.

Perfect muscle tissue is very important in the way you work out. The alimentation is very important for those aiming to build muscle or lose fat. So, you need a diet plan depending on your daily schedule, knowing you will not deviate from it. Meal frequency should be at an interval of 2-3 hours. It is ok to have 3 meals a day and 2 calorie snacks, but more effective are several small meals. This plan must be fixed and must be stuck with because the body likes routine and gives better results that way.

  If you train hard, your body needs more calories and nutrients that should be taken at exact hours. For example, if one day you skipped a meal at a certain time your body will atrophy the muscles. The first meal can be taken right after you wake up and the last just before bedtime.

Calories you eat are equally important when you want to gain weight, 33 calories for every pound is the norm that will help add weight. You should start from this and after 2-4 weeks, you may increase the amount.

If you have a few kilograms, you should not suddenly throw the consumption of nutrients, it will be a shock to the body and won't be able to be adjusted. It should be done gradually so your body can adapt.

  Dividing the rules of protein, carbohydrates, and fats should look like this:

Protein - 50%

Carbohydrates - 35 - 40%

Fat - 10-15%

   About fats, they do not necessarily have to be included because we anyway take them from the food we eat, such as meat and eggs. The most important is to consume proteins. Protein foods are beef, chicken, and turkey breast, also good meat, fish, and eggs.

  The most effective source of carbohydrates can be found in oats. Oat is easy to digest and contains fibers and is not expensive food. It is advisable to consume 500 grams per day. Healthy fats are found in extra virgin olive oil and oily fish.

Of course, there are other factors that affect your muscle growth, such as genetics, how much you train, and how good your food is. It is very important that you find your optimal one, so you constantly evolve and reach the desired number. Always have to experiment to see exactly what helps you to develop, it is necessary to write down everything about yourself and your body, what you eat, how, and in what quantities. Bodybuilding is itself an evolutionary analysis of your body. The most important thing is attitude.