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Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy (PCT) is of extreme importance. As the name suggests, it requires the restoration of endogenous testosterone levels after a cycle of steroids. Those who ignore it risk losing all that they have gained during the steroid cure, even more so. Worse, in some cases the body may remain with a hormonal imbalance. So, never ignore post cycle therapy!


Do you know your thyroid?

The thyroid gland is a complicated gland. In bodybuilding and in other sports are used including medicines that need to manipulate thyroid hormones, but these practices can be dangerous, especially if they are taken unproperly.


Short steroid cycles

A short steroid cycle is a steroid cycle that lasts between 2-6 weeks. It seems that those 4 weeks have the best results if reported to the side effects. They allow a faster recovery of the HPTA axis without using HCG, the testes atrophy, and suppression of self-testosterone secretion being reduced.


Steroid Articles

Clomed is a drug usually used after a heavy steroid cycle. This product stimulates the body to produce its own testosterone in the blood. This is necessary when proper testosterone levels in the blood are very low. In case your own testosterone levels are back to normal in no time when the steroid use is ceased, cortisol will dominate and will inhibit muscle protein synthesis. This product helps women to burn fat and tone the muscles, but because of its unpleasant side effects, it is not preferred by them.

The optimal dosage used by bodybuilders is 50-100 mg per day, and 4-5 weeks are needed to restore the body's own production of testosterone. Usually, Clomed is combined the first 2 weeks with HCG, in order to speed up the production of testosterone. It is not recommended to use HCG for more than 2 weeks. To begin the administration of Clomed is necessary to wait until the action of steroids in the body will stop, because there are steroids who still work in the body even after the last administration made days or weeks ago. 

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