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Thyroid article-

Do you know your thyroid?

The thyroid gland is a complicated gland. In bodybuilding and other sports are used including medicines that need to manipulate thyroid hormones, but these practices can be dangerous, especially if they are taken unproperly.
No matter your purpose is to look good or to obtain better physical performance, or you have medical reasons, three things must be put in place, no matter what kind of supplements or medicines you use:
1) Your cells need to receive the necessary nutrients in the necessary quantities.
2) Your cells need to receive signals that will influence in the needed direction in order to accomplish your goals.
3) Your genes must work as well as possible.

This aspect constantly varies and can be changed. Most of the time, at least, one of the mentioned above aspects is missing.

The thyroid gland needs Iodate.
Many persons have a serious lack of Iodate, at the moment, it is measured with the urine analysis. And more persons have a moderated deficiency of Iodate or are under the optimal level. The diet can assure sufficient Iodine, but most of the time it doesn't. Let's take a look at some food and iodate salt. We talk about iodate, not iodine because this is the form that can be digested by people. Usually, it is used potassium iodate, iodine linked with potassium. Sodium is a pure form that is very corrosive, burning the skin and the tissues by interacting with them.
If most of the food from your diet is cooked at home and is salted by a generous hand with iodized salt, you should already have a good contribution of iodate, and you should not increase it. When the iodized salt has a good quality then there are enough 2 g or half of a teaspoon to ensure the necessary minimum per day.
A lot of salt brands do not meet the iodate concentration written on the wrapping, so it is necessary a little more salt in order to have a sufficient contribution of iodate.
In general, fast food and processed food do not have iodate, even some restaurants, do not use iodate when cooking.
If on a label is written only "salt" and not "iodized salt" then it does not contain iodate. And the sea salt has very little iodate. In case you are not using much-iodized salt then you need to increase the contribution.
What is the necessary dose of iodate?
To take an overdose of iodate is not that probable, that in case you are not putting too much. In general, is recommended to take a maximum of 1100mcg of iodate per day, and it is not indicated to exceed this dose.
A contribution higher than 1,1 mg/day can lead to hypothyroidism. Smaller doses may have this result.
If you use high-quality iodized salt as the only source of iodate in your diet, you wouldn't reach the 0,8 mg of iodate only if you consume 5000 mg of sodium per day. This means a full spoon. It is good that sportsmen consume around 4000 mg of sodium per day, so it is a good recommendation. 
If you are not a performance sportsman, it is better to limit the contribution of iodized salt to no more than 1/2 spoon per day.
Effectively some iodized salt brands are wick so it could exist some variations. So you should not calculate exactly the dose day by day. In one day you can consume more in some less, but all this supposes that the salt to be added to the food after it is cooked not before.
Vitamin and minerals supplementation for Thyroid Gland.
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with hypothyroidism and it can even cause it. If you are not exposed to the sun in a constant way you have much to gain if you supplement yourself with 4000 i.u. of vitamin D per day. Among these, you will also gain a good function of the Thyroid.
Regarding minerals, iron and selenium deficiency can lead to bad thyroid functioning. If you are a man the iron deficiency is not a problem, rather than otherwise you have the iron levels too high. Men should not supplement with iron, only if their blood tests don't tell something else. Regarding selenium supplementation, there is no clear evidence that it will help in the correction of some thyroid problems, but selenium has useful functions in the body. 
Consequently, if you are a man the mineral supplementation will not help you too much regarding the thyroid because there is no big probability to have iron and selenium deficiency. If you are a woman probably the iron deficiency will affect your thyroid function.
The diet and Thyroid 
Thyroid function and transformation of T4 into T3, thyroid hormones, can be strongly affected by the macronutrients and calorie contribution.
Carbohydrates and proteins stimulate the thyroid while the fats do not stimulate it in this direction or the conversion of T4 into T3, T3 is the active hormone, but the thyroid gland is releasing T4 that is converted into T3 with the help of special enzymes, and the low-calorie contribution is a devastating thing.
There is a special formula to calculate the minimal calorie contribution necessary for the thyroid to function properly. You need 27 calories per day per body kg when you are in a good body shape. So if you have 105 kg, but a good shape for you means 90 kg, then the calorie contribution would be 90*27, a minimum of 2430 calories per day. If you are not losing fat in a fast manner then you would better increase your physical activity instead of reducing the calories.
If you follow a poor diet in carbohydrates, you need to increase the protein contribution to maintain the thyroid in good functioning.