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Do you know your thyroid?

The thyroid gland is a complicated gland. In bodybuilding and in other sports are used including medicines that need to manipulate thyroid hormones, but these practices can be dangerous, especially if they are taken unproperly.


Short steroid cycles

A short steroid cycle is a steroid cycle that lasts between 2-6 weeks. It seems that those 4 weeks have the best results if reported to the side effects. They allow a faster recovery of the HPTA axis without using HCG, the testes atrophy, and suppression of self-testosterone secretion being reduced.


12 laws of the weight loss

Burning fats is an effort that lasts 14 hours, 7 days from 7. It is indicated to eat more often, and if it is possible from 3 to 3 hours, and more than that you need to choose very carefully the products you eat and the right quantity to maintain a high metabolism. Ther are 12 fundamental laws that guide the weight loss and the fat burning. These rules are everything you need to know when it comes to loose weight and burn fats from the hips and abdomen. Most of the laws are related with the nutrition, but the training have their role in this process. If the bulking phase is over then it's time to define and follow the main 12 laws of the weight loss.


Steroid Articles

As we all know after the growth period our body stops to produce new muscle cells. The quantity of muscle cells we have is genetic and their number can not be grown. This is the reason some persons choose to increase these cells by training or use steroids. From the medical point of view, we recommend HGH for muscle building. With the human growth hormone, the muscle mass can be increased and new muscle cells can be achieved having no side effects. This hormone helps you to cross the genetic barrier and have the ideal body shape.
Hgh helps our body to rise the metabolism and push it to burn the fat deposits also increasing the body mass in the same time.
You do not need to worry because of the gained weight this is lean mass and unlike steroids HGH has a slower process of mass building, the normal weight gained is 1-2 pounds in 2,5 weeks. This property makes HGH be more qualitative than steroids that bring more water retention in some cases.
During the human growth hormone, cycle the weightlifters gain a high-quality muscle mass and in the same time the body commands the body to use the fats for energy, that why bodybuilders can eat a lot and they will not gain fat during the cycle.
HGH is used as a lean mass bodybuilder and it rises the body enhancement. This medicine has a diminished risk of being detected in the blood than steroids.
Human growth hormone has a several positive effect other than as a muscle builder, it improves the joints, ligaments, treats the broken tissue, rises the ability of protein synthesis, etc.
A myth among bodybuilders is that HGH causes a bigger belly. The therapy does not cause an extended belly, this effect is caused by the frequency of too high doses of somatropin. In case the HGH is being administered with the doctor indication, no changes will happen.
HGH has minimal and rare side effects, also is does not cause acromegalia and dystrophy in bone growth as some persons have stated. The researchers have shown that when the natural growth period ends in the teenage, it ends the bone fuse and the growing stops, therefore, the acromegaly is not going to happen.
Human growth hormone has the best results in bodybuilding providing a healthy weight gain, lean mass, fat burning and keeps lean muscle mass during the periods you are off the cycle.

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