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About Steroids

Short steroid cycles

A short steroid cycle is a steroid cycle that lasts between 2-6 weeks. It seems that those 4 weeks have the best results if reported the side effects. They allow a faster recovery of the HPTA axis without using HCG, the testes atrophy, and suppression of self-testosterone secretion is reduced.

Who can benefit from a short steroids cycle?

  • Paranoiac beginners
  • Those that want only small progress from steroids
  • Athletes
  • Those that want to get the maxim potential in a short term
  • Those that use androgenic and anabolic steroids for a long time and want to reduce the health risks as much as they can
  • Those that use steroids for a long time want to stop taking them anymore.
  • Older sportsmen

What is the reason that should make you follow a short cycle?
You reduce the time when you have a bad lipid profile
Many persons are tired of the side effects caused by the long steroid cycles. The biggest problem is the lipidic profile, months in a row when the HDL is low almost near to zero. All suffer from this invisible side effect, and nothing helps not even the best lipidic regulator, niacin. If you want to avoid a low cholesterol level like an old man that ate all his life only fast food, then do not be on long steroid cycles.
General reduced side effects
Most of steroid users the acne appears only after the 4'th week of administration. The hair loss is not that much, and the prostate remains at normal values, in cycles with testosterone.
Short steroid cycles are better than natural training (regarding the gains of muscle mass).
You will progress faster than you will in a normal way, especially if you are far away from your genetic potential. On average, the genetic limit of one person with a height between 175-178 cm is 86-88 kg (muscle mass with a reduced fat percentage)
Short steroid cycles are a way to pass over your maximum natural weight.
After the cycle is ended, you will maintain easier your maximum natural weight with the help of good nutrition and training. No one can have a weight over its natural capacity for the long term in a natural way.
The water retention will be less in comparison with long steroid cycles.

Short steroid cycles results
You will have good progress during the cycle. The exact number of kg that you will gain depends on your actual development. If you are not pretty developed, the muscle gains will be very noticeable. The maximum that you can gain in 2 weeks is 3 kg of muscle mass or more. This applies to those that respond very well to this cycle, but the majority will have less progress. For experienced bodybuilders, that are in this field for years the muscle gains will be fewer, but it still can be reached good progress in 2-3 weeks, progress that in a normal way for someone developed would last a year.
After a 2 weeks cycle, the recovery will be more efficient and faster.

Things that can not be changed with short cycles.
A short cycle will not help you to overcome your normal weight too much, even if you train for years.
If you are an ectomorph, very slim, then the progress will be small after a short cycle. also, the muscle mass will not be as big as in the case of a 12 weeks cycle. The effects will not be visible to others this is a positive thing.

How short cycles are followed?
First of all, because the time is short you need to use injectable steroids combined with oral steroids. Do not use only oral steroids, and no way to use long esters like enanthate or decanoate. For 2-3 weeks cycles, the hormonal levels should increase in a fast way, and after the cycle be rapidly removed from the body. Long esters extend the cycle due to the long period of half-life.
Many steroids is an ideal technic for such cycles, in order to increase faster the hormonal levels. The doses should be relatively big, and strong steroids will be used for the best results, but you can use any steroids you want, as much as they will be combined, oral and injectable steroids. The number of injections will be big and the volume of injected liquid as well.
That is the reason that for some beginners this cycle is hard to follow.

Here is an example of a 2 weeks cycle:
Danabol 50 mg per day, with 3-5 doses daily, for 14 days. Also instead of Danabol, you can use Testosterone Propionate 300 mg on the first day and then 100-150 mg per day for 12 days.
Trenbolone Acetate 150 mg on the first day and then 75 mg every day during 12-13 days.
The post-cycle therapy will imply Clomed 200 mg in a few doses in the 15'th day and 60 mg of Tamoximed. From the 16'th day, take 100 mg of Clomed every day and 40 mg of tamoxifen during a week, then for the next two weeks take 50 mg of Clomed per day.
There can be also used HCG during the cycle, 500 I.U. once in 3 days. This is optional because the testes atrophy is minimal as the cycle is a short one. Tamoxifen must be always with you in case signs of gynecomastia appear.

Short cycles can also have 3-4 weeks.
A 3-4 weeks cycle is also a short cycle. are used the same steroids and the same doses as we mentioned above, the only difference is that the period of use is extended. The HCG use can be a good idea in this case but it is not mandatory, only if a 4 weeks steroids cycle is followed and 4 weeks are passed, then the atrophy can be a problem and the use of HCG is recommended.
These cycles also need steroids with rapid action, which can be used, and long esters.
An example of 4 weeks cycle looks like this: Testosterone enanthate 800 mg on the first day, no more than 2-3 ml injected in one site, and 800mg of Equipoise. Then the 3'rd day takes 400 mg of each, keeping the same dose every 3 days. The last injection is done on the 15'th day.
From the 16'th day, the administration is discontinued and begins the injection of trenbolone acetate, 75 mg per day until the 27'th day of the cycle, and Danabol 50 mg/day until the 28'th day of the cycle. During the cycle, you will need a flavoring inhibitor like Anastrozole.

The pause between the cycles should be at least equal to the length of the last cycle.
You can have good results following two cycles in a row of 2 weeks each with a pause of 2 weeks between them. If you follow more than 3 cycles of this type it is recommended to be used HCG.
2 weeks cycles with a pause of 4 weeks can be followed all year round, the effective time when steroids are used is just a third of the year.
4 weeks cycles and a pause of 5-6 weeks is a good way to have big results.

Health advice:
In order to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good one use 2 g of niacin (B3) per day in the periods of pause between cycles. During the cycles used omega-3 (minimum 4 g per day). You need to take are with the niacin, divide the dose into many others for a day, and do not exceed 2 g because this could harm the liver. After the niacin administration, you can see red spots on the skin and a feeling of tingling that can last up to 30 minutes.
During the cycle use a multivitamin and antioxidant supplement.
Use a liver protection supplement. A healthy liver will not be affected by a dose of 50 mg/day of Danabol, for 4 weeks. An exception is the situations when you consume alcohol and other medicines with a harmful impact on the liver (like Roaccutane, a medicine used to treat acne). In these cases do not use an alpha alkylated steroid.
Short steroid cycles are not a magic way to have a defined body, they are not free of side effects, and are not easy to follow, because of the big number of injections.
Short steroid cycles are a way of reducing side effects for those that are decided to use anabolic products.