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Sexual Potency -

Top 5 viands that help men to increase the potency

The most efficient aphrodisiacs we can find in our kitchen, and unlike pills, they do not cause side effects.
Further, we will present you with a potency list established by the American specialists.

The eggs are recommended to be eaten at breakfast. Prepared eggs such as an omelet, scrambled, hard-boiled eggs, and soft-boiled eggs are a source of vitamin B which is a key nutrient that maintains the mind and body more relaxed.

Researchers show that persons that receive a sufficient daily dose of vitamin A have a bigger amount of sperm and have a better sexual performance. The liver is an excellent source of vitamin A and zinc. Man's body eliminates 5 mg of zinc at every ejaculation - a third part of the daily necessary dose. Men that do not feed the body with enough quantity of vitamin C produce lower-quality sperm, and the peaches are a good source of vitamin C.

Cranberries are one of the best aliments that are beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction. They contain soluble fibers that prevent cholesterol deposits on the artery walls. More than that they contain compounds that help to relax the blood vessels, improving the circulation.

This plant is considered a medicinal aphrodisiac, celery is a traditional aliment that helps to maintain and regain sexual potency. Celery leaves are indicated as a spice for a lot of vitalizing food, but also as an ingredient in crudites salads.

This vegetable is a good helper in treating potency. For great results mix 150 g of chopped carrots with one chopped boiled egg and a spoon of honey. Eat this mixture every day for at least one month.