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SP Masteron
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SP Masteron

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Masteron - SP Laboratorymore
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Masteron is a derivative of drostanolone propionate with low anabolic and androgenic action. It has the property to convert into estrogen, thus there is no water retention in the body and no gynecomastia happens. Masteron acts as an anti-estrogen and is similar to the Provimed.

Masteron is used for outlining and defining the muscles, it is  being used more often in competitions. This steroid has an anabolic effect which allows the accumulation of good quality muscle mass. It combines well with other steroids such as Nandrolone D, bringing big gains of muscle mass without much water retention in the body.

In case is desired definition it can be combined with Strombaject or Primobol in order to maintain muscle mass and reduce fat. Masteron helps to burn fat and reduce the fat deposit, thing that is good for athletes who follow a diet with minimal calories. The optimum dose is 100-200 mg used once every 2-3 days. Weekly dose is about 300-500 mg.

Side effects are mild and water retention and gynecomastia is not a problem. Masteron is not toxic to the liver even if used for a long time. Bad effects that can occur are oily skin, acne, hair loss on the head, enlarged prostate.

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