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Steroid XMAS Promo

Ho Ho Ho Steroid XMAS Promo

Ho Ho Ho Everyone! The Santa has prepared some awesome surprises for you 

Buy 2 Get 3 on Balkan Pharm, SP Lab, BodyPharm, Ice Pharma, Kalpa Pharma, Thaiger Pharma, Alpha Pharma, and 7Lab Pharma.

And Buy 3 Get 4 on Dragon Pharma brand, plus if you have ordered more than 500 USD in Dragon Pharma products you will receive an additional gift from Santa, a WINSTROL 10MG for free.

Dragon Pharm

Don't forget about HGH. On Geriostim 36 IU from Thaiger Pharma buy 2 and Get 3, and Genotropin cartridge 36 IU from Pfizer - Buy 2 Get 4.

How to receive the gifts? Leave the message "XMAS" to Santa using the "Add Message" button from the basket.

Hope you like the Santas gifts and Merry Christmas!

Now, after the products are added, you will receive an email with the information of what products have been added.


1. Promo available until Jan 2, 2018, 05:00 UTC (00:00 EST).

2. Payment should be made until Jan 3, 2018, 05:00 UTC (00:00 EST).

3. You need to buy 2 identical items to receive the 3rd for free.

4. Bulk prices on these brands are disabled during the promo.

5. Products are not added automatically. If in the message box you will not leave any information about the promo, the products will not be added and not compensated on the next order. Please read carefully the promo rules.