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Primotab from BodyPharm
Products:Primobol, Primotab, Primotabs, Primobolan
Active substance:
Methenolone acetate
Primotab BodyPharm is one of the safest oral anabolic steroids and has an excellent rating.
The most amazing quality is that it is not toxic to the liver.
First of all, this steroid is used for cutting purposes.
When using this drug the body looks tougher and more defined. However, this product will become really effective when it needs recovery and the muscular endurance created.
This steroid has a fairly moderate volume effect compared to others, it certainly won't make you look like you are using Anadrol or Deca Durabolin.
Most male consumers who have chosen this drug for an off-season cycle will be somewhat disappointed.
As for women, it is what many are looking for small, gaining moderate weight gain.
Side effects: acne, body / facial hair growth, hair loss, testosterone suppression.
For women: 25-50 mg / day - 4-6 weeks.


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