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Provimed 50mg 20tabs
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Provimed 50mg 20tabs

20 tabs (50 mg/tab)
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This steroid has a strong androgenic propriety. Provimed is used to treat sexual dysfunction caused by low testosterone amount, treat libido, impotence, or a higher level of sperm. Mesterolone is an oral testosterone replacement. Although it has a strong androgenic effect, does not cause muscle growth because it is changed into inactive metabolites.

Bodybuilders use this product as an anti-estrogen that inhibits the aromatization of steroids. Unlike tamoxifen blocks estrogen only to bind to other receptors in tissues. This medicine is more effective as it eliminates estrogenic side effects. Provimed and tamoxifen are often used together to solve the problem in different ways, thus obtain the best results.

Provimed is very well associated with Strombafort and Oxandrolone, helping to increase muscle density. Women should be careful in the use of this steroid as strong androgenic effect and virilization symptoms can occur. Optimal dose for women is 25 mg per day, not more than 4-5 weeks. Optimal dose administered to men is 25-100 mg daily, this dose will ensure that gynecomastia will not appear.

If you take a course of Testosterone or Danabol then Provimed can be combined with Tamoxifen or Clomed, 50 mg Provimed to 20 mg of Tamoxifen, for a strong steroid cycle.

Side effects are rare at doses below 100 mg per day, but the side effects that may occur may be acne, oily skin, growth of body hair, baldness. Provimed is not hepatotoxic.


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